Voted Michigan’s Best Pizza Award

"The pizzas features daily made dough and a homemade sauce that tastes like real, fresh tomatoes. Owners Lisa and Gianni Licari believe that simple is best, and consistency is key to a quality product. ...We were particularly taken with their traditional Sicilian offerings, which offered the flavors of pizza in a whole new way,"

— John Gonzalez & Amy Sherman MLIVE Media Group

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Leadership Team


Our Team Culture

As team members of Licari’s Sicilian Pizza Kitchen, we acknowledge that in order to provide an ultimate dining experience for each and every guest, we must value the following:


Consistently being honest and having strong moral principles. Examples include: be dependable, be honest, take responsibility for your actions, have respect for yourself and others, have humility, and be Loyal.

Our Philosophy

Future growth and security through teamwork, quality ingredients, strong work ethic, self-pride and giving guests an ultimate experience.


We will uphold strong standards in communication by discussing any concerns or issues to managers or owners rather than other coworkers. Also by sharing important information that is vital to the culture of Licaris, in a timely manner, whether that has to do with yourself, a co-worker, owner, manager, or guest. We will not share information regarding pay or personal issues that pertain to work or co-workers. We will listen to what others have to say before expressing viewpoint.


We will make a collaborative effort as a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective way. We will support Licaris and our employees. During down time, we will help keep all areas clean or ask a manager for a task to be productive. We will watch out for the benefit of our coworkers and not just ourselves. We will speak positively of our team members both in their presence and out.


We will Treat those around us- co-workers and clients with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. Respect Licaris as a business and refrain from sharing negativity on social media, social events, or other coworkers regarding the business. We will demonstrate consideration and courtesy for others, and treat each other with dignity as well as have respect for those in all roles. We will also have respect for the equipment we use, recipes we make and the tools of our trade. This includes keeping all equipment, dining areas, bathrooms, food prep areas, & beverage stations clean, organized and usable.

Join the Team

Are you AWESOME?!?! We want to meet you! Come join our team and thrive in our fun, fast paced, growing environment. Both locations are always looking for responsible, self motivated, accountable, friendly people to join us. There is always room for growth in our company. Competitive pay, benefits for qualifying positions, employee discounts, awesome people, owners that care, and more! Apply today!